Theo’s Service Reflection

During my time in politics class, I had the opportunity to research and compare the platforms of both presidential candidates. This was not only interesting, but it helped show me, my class, and the rest of the upper school the actual wording of both candidates and not be distracted by the media narratives surrounding them. Through this project, I learned more about how media coverage shapes my opinions and how to better research political issues so that I can be a more involved citizen.

Ethnic New York Reflection

This year I took Kristen Fairey’s Ethnic New York class, where I spent the semester researching my neighborhood, Yorkville. I started by reading up on the general history of New York City. I then spent many days at the main NYPL browsing the archives for both primary and secondary accounts of Yorkville, from its creation in the 1850s to what it has become today. In addition, I spent a total of 10 hours on the streets of my neighborhood, observing the ethnographic life and architecture and taking detailed field notes. My extensive research culminated in a paper detailing Yorkville’s journey from farmland to high rises, as well as a visual exhibit in the Rosenquist Gallery summarizing my research. I thoroughly enjoyed the research process, and was surprised to find a depth of diversity in the history of Yorkville, despite its vanilla reputation.

Ashley’s Abyssinian Baptist Church Youth Worship Experience

Ashley Thompson

Every Sunday from 9 -11am, I go to the Abyssinian Baptist Church to assist in their Youth Ministry. Instead of going upstairs to the Sanctuary, I stay downstairs with the Sunday School and participate as a Youth Worship Leader. In this position, I help lead devotion for the kids as well as help the Sunday School Teachers. This year the Sunday School put on two productions, one for Christmas and one for Palm Sunday, both of which I assisted as a Stage Manager.

My church community has been extremely influential in my upbringing. By helping out with Sunday School, I am able to give back to the community that helped keep me grounded and guide me throughout life. I hope to have the same impact on the kids in Sunday School as my teachers had on me.

Zara’s Politics Service

I’m currently enrolled in Stefan Stawnychy’s Politics, Power, and Citizenship class.  Most of our class discussion is focused on the 2016 presidential election, so in order to have an easy way to reference the candidate’s stances, we created a website that compares Clinton’s and Trump’s views on various issues.  Edie Astley and I gathered the information on Trump’s and Clinton’s economic policies / vision and made a side by side list of what their stances are.  We found these directly from their respective websites so as to exclude as much bias as possible.

We are sharing this website with the Friends community to give students an easy way to learn more about specific issues within the election.

Theo Schneider – The GO Project

This past summer and fall, I volunteered at the GO Project, where underprivileged children can have access to high quality education and resources. My responsibilities included helping the children focus and finish their projects. It was truly amazing to see the children who I helped teach improve by leaps and bounds over the course of my time there. Although it was very challenging, I was able to learn patience and collaborative skills from dealing with the children. I was also able to see education from an educators perspective which helped me understand how people learn. In addition, I learned about the great problem of educational inequity in New York and the US in general. I believe my experience was very positive overall, and I learned as much as the children in my class did.

Elena’s Service Reflection

Monday Night Hospitality is the soup kitchen run by the All Souls Church in my neighborhood. The kitchen provides more than 30,000 meals a year to all those in need. On Monday nights, a group of about 10 or 15 volunteers and I work together to set the tables, prep and cook the meals, serve the guests, and clean everything up afterwards. I help out at the kitchen every Monday I can; it is a wonderful environment of people who are all passionate about helping others and working together to provide a warm restaurant-style meal to those who need it most. I was able to connect with a diverse group of people that I wouldn’t normally interact with. Helping out at the soup kitchen is eye opening because it forces me to really appreciate the many privileges and opportunities I have, while also fueling my desire to actively work towards eliminating socio-economic disparities in America.

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Ashley’s Service Reflection

In September, I started volunteering to be a teacher’s assistant for Dance for Joy Ministries. Dance for Joy is my ballet school that I have been dancing with since the age of four. This year a new group of dancers, ages 6 to 12 have started taking classes. My ballet teacher asked my if I would be willing to come in on Saturdays, to help her with the class. I’m so glad I said yes because it was been one of the most rewarding experiences.

Every Saturday at 12:30 I go to Pearl Studios on 36th Street ad 8th Ave. One of the best things about volunteering to help is seeing all of the talent these little girls have. Seeing these girls learning their first ballet steps helped me to understand why my ballet teacher would have us practice basic skills like “plier” and “tendu”. The skills we learn when we first start taking classes set the groundwork that allows us to be able to become more advanced and perform more complicated combinations.

Additionally, getting to connect and joke around with the girls was really rewarding as it allowed me to be a role model. One of the little girls named Nyla said to me, “I’m afraid to move up to the big girls class. It seems hard. I don’t know how you do it. I’ll never be able to do that.” I smiled at her because I remembered feeling the exact same way. I told her if she keeps coming to class she would get better and better and before she knew it she would be dancing with the “big girls”. While I was an assistant I helped the girls with technique, make corrections, lead stretches and helped them practice their dances. I believe that doing all of these things helped me to become a better dancer because it allowed me to refresh and tighten up my technique as well.

I look forward to continuing to help out with the class and I hope to see all of the girls grow to be strong dancers.


Jared’s South Africa Reflection

Going to South Africa was life changing. Not only were we able to have an impact on the people we met and the places we went, we were able to look in the mirror and change ourselves and change the way we think. We were able to stay in a township with the people of Red Location, learn about their lives, learn about their culture, and their history. Developing a bond with the people of South Africa made the trip even more amazing. We were giving the opportunity to have authentic interactions with the people and do real work that would have an impact on their lives. One moment that sticks out is when we visited the Methodist Church of South Africa and we helped them with their community outreach. We went with members of the church into the homes of people who could not make it to church and needed extra support spiritually, emotionally, and with their living supplies. Seeing the impact the church was able to make on its home-stricken members was very eye-opening. It also made me feel more aware of the different types of outreach provided by various groups.

Zara’s Time with GO Project

This July I worked with GO Project to help provide extra support to children who were falling behind in school, often due to educational inequity.  I worked in a classroom of students entering the fourth grade and helped to improve their math and writing skills.  We mainly worked on multiplication and division and how to properly structure a paragraph.

Working with GO Project was an extremely enriching experience.  I could see the change in my students abilities from the beginning of the program to the end.  Along with working with the students, I also participated in daily professional development sessions where all the student interns discussed issues in our society including educational inequity, micro aggressions, and how to make a difference.

GO Project works hard to fight educational inequity in our school system, and I enjoyed working with them this summer.


Grace Lopez: AIDS Walk

Before the AIDS Walk, I had never walked (or even ran) a mile for a cause. I can say that it was an amazing experience! Considering I did it with my closest friends, Coraya and Adrian, the whole experience was twice as fun. Seeing thousands of people walk side by side (nonstop) made me think about how dedicated and influential a group of people could be. Besides seeing water after checkpoint three, all the given moral support by the people administering the AIDS Walk was the highlight of the walk. I remember waking up early in the morning to meet with other people from Friends, and feeling hyped and excited for the day. However, the best feeling was crossing the finish line, not because of the feeling of self-accomplishment, but because I participated in something far greater than myself. I loved the idea of walking with a group of people that wanted to make a difference, just like I did. In a way, the community feeling that comes with being a student at Friends, is the same feeling I got from walking for the AIDS walk.