Monday (3/30/20)

Monday (3/30)

Welcome to the first day of distance learning!

Please know that you do not need to do these assignments in the order listed. However, we suggest that you make a schedule for the day and stick to it!


We are so excited to check in with you at 9:30 AM today!

Please watch this video on zoom etiquette before we begin 🙂

In the video we said that both the parent and student should “focus” on the meeting. When we meet, it’s important to have a grown up there, but they do not need to follow the conversation minute by minute.


Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 831-811-319


Click this link for Social Emotional Learning with NaliniKIDS


Morning Meeting

-Start the day by looking at the calendar with your child.  Read the date aloud (“Today is Monday, March 30th”) and have your child locate the date on the calendar.  In their notebook have them practice writing the complete date (Monday, March 30, 2020) as well as the abbreviated form (3/30/20).


The specials today are Spanish and Shop.

First Grade Virtual Schoolhouse (Specials)



-Have your child read for at least 15 minutes from a “Just Right Book” (not too easy or too hard).


Sight words: 

-Ask your child to read the words of the week:

  • How
  • Do 
  • She 
  • Which


-In phonics, the students are learning about Silent E. Have your child watch this Silent E


Have your child complete Lesson 2 in their Explode the Code 3 workbook. They have not used this workbook yet, but the format is the same as the previous books they’ve used.



Write a journal entry about something special you did with family during the break.

Here’s a video of an example!

If you do not have journal paper or lined paper, you can print from this template or watch this short video about making your own lined paper.

Remind your child to use their Five finger retell when composing their entry:

1 – Who

2 – When/Where

3, 4, 5  – What Happened 1-2-3 (i.e. three supporting details)


Sound spelling is OK here, though remind them to check their finished work for capitals (beginning of sentences and names) and periods, as well as their sight word (i.e. high-frequency words) spelling (e.g. the, was, and, went, etc.) They can also use their personal dictionaries as a reference for words which they are unsure of. Additionally if there are complex words that your child would like to know how to spell that you believe they will not be able to sound out, you may write them in their dictionary.


They should also include an illustration along with their finished piece of writing.



Write out numbers 1-20 on a piece of paper. Make sure all numbers are in order, properly spaced, and facing the correct direction.

Afterwards, please fill out the “Favorite Colors” graph. If you are not able to print it, watch this video to make a matching graph at home!


Then, write the answers to the following questions:

  1. Which color is the most popular?
  2. Which color is the least popular?
  3. How many people like red the best?
  4. Which color has two less people than the most popular color?


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