Tuesday (3/31/20) 

Tuesday (3/31) 

Today is Tuesday, March 31st. We are so excited to have you back for our second day of distance learning.


We made a printable checklist of today’s activities, which can be accessed at this link.

You can complete the assignments in this order and check off the boxes as you go along!


Zoom link for checking in with Jaja & Matt

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/831811319

Meeting ID: 831-811-319


We will also have a story time for anyone who is available at 12:30. Please use the link above for story time.


Social Emotional Learning with NaliniKIDS – Day 2.


Morning Meeting

Start the day by looking at the calendar with your child.  Read the date aloud (“Today is Tuesday, March 31st”) and have your child locate the date on the calendar.  In their notebook have them practice writing the complete date (Tuesday, March 31, 2020) as well as the abbreviated form (3/31/20).


Library & Dance

First Grade Virtual Schoolhouse (Specials)



Have your child read for at least 15 minutes from a “Just Right Book” (not too easy or too hard).


Social Studies:

Watch the BrainPop Community Helpers 

  • username: friendssem
  • password: friends

Have a discussion about the importance of community helpers (doctors, nurses, janitors, grocers, postal workers, etc.). Write down a list of a few community helpers you think are extra special/important. Tomorrow you will be asked to write a thank you letter to one of these community helpers.


Sight words: 

Ask your child to read the words of the week:

  • How
  • Do 
  • She 
  • Which

Practice your sight words! Fill out the sight word sheet. Before filling out the sheet, you can write each letter of each sight word on an index card/piece of paper and “build” the words.

Complete sight word sheet



Make a set of cards numbered 1-29.

Place the cards upside down. Choose a number card and then shade in the corresponding amount of 10’s and 1’s. If you can’t print the sheet, you can re-create it on plain paper.

Video Instruction:


 Mo is hosting a video each day for the next two weeks called “lunch doodle with Mo”. I hope you can tune in at 1pm  

or just search for the youtube video and doodle with Mo at another time.


The New York Times podcast “The Daily” made an episode about talking to kids about the Coronavirus. 

Give it a listen HERE.


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