Thursday (4/2/20)

Thursday (4/2)

There is no morning meeting today on zoom. Beginning next week, we will have morning meet on zoom every day except Wednesday.

Today at 10am we will do a brief, synchronous zoom meeting with 1JM as part of the reading work. We will use the same zoom link we’ve been using for our individual meetings. 🙂

Please have your child watch the Day 4 Video: Social Emotional Learning with NaliniKIDS

daily checklist

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 854-287-425



Start the day by looking at the calendar with your child.  Read the date aloud (“Today is Thursday, April 2”) and have your child locate the date on the calendar.  In their notebook have them practice writing the complete date (Thursday, April 2nd, 2020) as well as the abbreviated form (4/2/20).

Specials: Music, Shop, PE



Place Value Sheets

One Minute Timer Video


Sight words                     

Use each word in a written sentence: how, do, she, which

    • Have the child come up with their own written sentence using the words how, do, she, which. 
    • The child should come up with four different sentences, using each of the featured sight words in one sentence. 
    • Have the child underline the sight word in each of the sentences. 



  • Zoom with Jaja and Matt at 10am. Here is the link:



Creative Writing: In your journal or notebook use the following prompt to do a creative writing piece. Draw a picture to go along with your writing:

If you had a secret superhero name, what would it be? Why? What would your superpowers be? What would your superhero costume look like?



Have your child read for 15 minutes from a “Just Right Book” (not too easy or   too hard).




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