Wednesday (4/1/20)

Wednesday (4/1)


Social Emotional Learning with NaliniKIDS day 3 


Daily Checklist

Please review the daily activities before our morning meeting at 9:30 🙂

We will have story time at 12:30 today.

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Meeting ID: 831-811-319



Start the day by looking at the calendar with your child.  Read the date aloud (“Today is Wednesday, April 1st”) and have your child locate the date on the calendar.  In their notebook have them practice writing the complete date (Wednesday, April 1st, 2020) as well as the abbreviated form (4/1/20).


PE, Spanish, Art/Shop



Have your child read for 15+ minutes from a “Just Right Book” (not too easy or too hard).



Complete Lesson 4 in their Explode the Code workbook.




Sight words: 

Ask your child to skywrite each word 3 times: how, do, she, which

SkyWriting is a method for students to use their whole body and gross motor skills while learning the correct way to write letters. This full body experience uses muscle memory to transfer that information to the brain, which in turn stores it for later use when a pencil is in hand.

SkyWriting is done with an arm that is stretched out, fully locked, in front of the student and fingers fully extended. 

This whole body movement is also intertwined with saying the name of the letter.  Naming the letter helps to cement the idea of how a letter is formed, both physically and audibly.

Following the sky writing, have the child write each sight word in their notebook THREE times. 


April Calendar Math:

Have your child fill in the empty April Calendar grid for the month of April. The calendar math sheets are located inside the manila envelope we sent home before break. They should write the name of the month in the big empty box above the grid (remember to capitalize the “A” of April). Fill in the grid with the numbers #1-30, being careful to start in the right box (it would be helpful for them to look at an actual calendar for the month). Remind students to form numbers from top to bottom and to make sure that they are all facing the correct direction. After completing their calendar grid they should answer the worksheet of calendar questions provided. They should answer questions using ordinal numbers (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) where needed. 

Here is a brief reminder on calendar math:




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