Friday (4/3/20)

Dear 1JM Students and Parents,

Congratulations on completing a week of distance learning! We know that this is a challenge and we think you deserve a huge cheer for your flexibility, understanding, and hard work. Parents and caretakers – you absolutely rocked it this week as teachers! 

daily checklist


Morning Meeting 9:30 AM

Closing Meeting 2:00 PM

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 Social Emotional Learning with NaliniKID 



Start the day by looking at the calendar with your child.  Read the date aloud (“Today is Friday, April 3rd”) and have your child locate the date on the calendar.  In their notebook have them practice writing the complete date (Wednesday, April 1st, 2020) as well as the abbreviated form (4/3/20).



PE, Science


Sight Words

“Show what you know”

Here is a quick video for “show what you know.” Instructions are written below, too.

  • At the end of every week the children have a sight word quiz that we call “show what you know.” 
  • An adult should read one word aloud (repeating it as many times as the child needs). The adult should also provide the child with a sentence using the sight word. For example, for the word how, the adult might say “How are you today?” The child does not need to write the sentence, only the sight word. 
  • On a piece of paper, the child should write the sight word down from memory.
  • This should be done for each of the four sight words.
  • The goal is to have the child be able to write all four words on the paper from memory.



Play the math game: Race to 100 .docx

  • How to play:
    • This game can be played using a die or the number cards that you made on Tuesday (If using the number cards, only use the cards 1 through 10). 
    • The child starts out at the number 0
    • They write the number 0 in the first box under the column “I started with”
    • In the column with the + at the top, they will always put a + sign
    • They will then roll the die or choose a card
    • They will write that number in the first box under the column “what I rolled”
    • In the column with the = at the top, they will always put a = sign
    • Under the column that says “total” they will put the total
      • For example, if the child chose 5 in the first round, the first row will read: “0     + 5 = 5”
      • The next round they will start with whatever the total for the round before.
      • In the above example, the total in the first row was 5. For the next row, the child will start at 5. They will write 5 under the column that says “I started with.” They will then pick a number card or roll the die again. That second number will go under the column that says “what I rolled.” They will add these new numbers together to get a new total. 
    • Example:
      • Row one:    0 + 5 = 5
      • Row two:    5 + 6 (if the child rolled a 6)   = 11
      • Row three: 11   + ……..
    • The goal of the game is to keep adding the numbers together until you reach 100!



Complete Explode the Code Lesson 5.



  • Just like at school, it’s Fix and Finish day!
  • Have your child go through their journal and community letter and see if there are any edits that can be made. 
  • Have them check for periods at the end of sentence, upper case letters at the start of a sentence or for a name or place, and lowercase letters everywhere else. 
  • Have them see if there are any more “juicy” details they can add. 
  • Have them check their dictionaries to make sure they have spelled sight words or frequently used words correctly. If they need help spelling a tricky word, you can write it for them in their dictionaries. 
  • Following this, have your child go through their Explode the Code lessons and check for any mistakes. We ask them to check their work all the time, so they are experts at this!


1JM Social Hang!

Special thanks to Jill and Sarah for organizing a 1JM social hour on zoom. Click the link below to join the hang out! The hang starts at 4pm!

Meeting ID: 914 558 046
Password: 008940




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