K411 Gets an Update

IMG_5939 IMG_5933

When students used to sit at tables the middle of K411, the Lower and Middle School Technology Lab, it was hard for everyone to see the interactive display. Thanks to the Friends summer construction team, the iMacs are around the periphery of the room, rather than at the center tables and along the walls.  Now we will the center tables for discussions and for art, animations and engineering projects that support and enhance our computer work. Another benefit of the renovation is that Judith can see all the beautiful faces of all her Third and Fourth Grade students when she and students demonstrate new skills at the beginning of class.

When  sounds wafted down from the music room, it could be hard to concentrate. The sound proofing that the school installed  helps the both Tech Department and Music Departments.

We still enjoy the beautiful parquet floor and the wonderful ivy-covered windows that look out at the historic church across the street.


Finally, you’ll find a new face in K411.  Ariel Kitch is our talented Middle School Technology Coordinator.

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