A Virtual Visit to MAD Museum’s Out of Hand

In tech class last week, third and fourth Grade tech students went online to visit an exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design’s (MAD). Out of Hand: Materializing the Post Digital explores objects made with such digital fabrication methods  as 3D printing, computer controlled machining and digital knitting.

barry_x_ball Bespoke_Fairings_Soccer Brain wave chair FA9-9-2

Their “hands-on” activity was to pick an image from the exhibit slideshow, create a google drive document, and then copy the image, the name of the designer, and the piece into that document. The third graders then wrote four or five visual observations. Fourth graders were also asked to include information they learned about the design they chose.  The museum site’s audio tours and relevant websites were used as resources.

As we explored the exciting furniture, jewelry, architecture, and other products of Out of Hand, these are some of the other websites students visited:

Article from Art and Aniques Magazine on Frank Stella and 3D printing

Bespoke Innovations, designers of 3D printed prosthetics

J Mayer H, architects of Metropol Parasol in Seville


With some of my classes, I also shared a Youtube video that shows a 3D printer building up a bike from a series of very thin slices.


The movie emphasizes how designing is a process of trial, error and revision.  That’s something that I hope my students absorb when they are working in K411!

I very much enjoyed seeing Out of Hand in person and wholeheartedly recommend the actual exhibit to both children and grownups. It’s on view at MAD until June 1.

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