Wecome Back to 308

It is a delight to welcome back the Third Graders from last year as new Fourth Graders. It’s exciting to introduce Third Graders to the space where they will design, build and program from Third through Sixth Grade.

Our emerging makerspace has a lot more room for projects than the classroom in the townhouse did. We have more lots of places at the tables for designing and creating.


Those tables aren’t bolted to the floor. So we can slide the tables aside and get work done on the floor!


New robots like mBot and Ozobot inspire a sense of wonder,


and the urge to design, test and revise paths and code.

With more room to roam, robots and children of 308 are going to have many new adventures this school year. Stay tuned to learn more about those explorations.

In addition, the children will make their voices heard as we design renovations to 308 that transform the room into an even better space for making and programming.

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