2 thoughts on “Jake’s Summer of Service

  1. Jake,
    I loved watching this video about your service experience. The photos and narrative helped me connect with this community and its culture. Thank you for the effort you put into sharing this story. I learned so much.
    I made similar bricks during my trip to the eco-center in Palestine last spring. The stomping process was the best part! I am going to share your post with Anna Swank-Bothwell because she was the best stomper of our group! She’ll love your descriptive video of the process. It’s really interesting to think how people in different continents find similar ways to use their natural resources to help build their structures.

  2. Jake,
    What an incredible presentation about an incredible experience! By watching it I learned a lot about the work that you did but also about the connections that you made with your host family and the other people whom you met and worked with. I really loved the animations you made to show the process of making a guinea pig house and also the way you described how you used non-verbal communication and physical comedy to connect with your host family.

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