Catherine’s Hurricane Irene Service Trip

Over the summer, I went to a camp called Indian Brook, which is a camp within Farm And Wilderness Camps. Indian Brook is an all girls camp for girls ages 9-14. Each girl is required to go on a trip during her time at camp. For 13-14 year olds, the trips are for 5 days. There are hiking trips, canoeing trips, rock climbing trips, farm service trips, and trail service trips. This summer, I was on the trail service trip. However, this year’s trail service trip was different from the past years. Instead of just making trails, we helped repair the trails on Farm and Wilderness property that were damaged by Hurricane Irene.

We cleared the trail from fallen trees, leaves, and anything else that was in the way. We spent approximately 4-5 hours for 5 days making trails. After we were done clearing trails, we hiked back approximately half a mile to a wooden shelter, and cooked our own food using a whisperlight (a small camping stove), and made fires. Each day, after we finished making parts of the trail, it was nice to think that after we were done with it, it was nice to know that people would walk on these during their summers. Although it was a lot of work, it was definitely rewarding at the end of the day. It was a great experience, however there were some stressful times.

The first day, after we built a nice, long trail. When we got back, we met the camp director. However, she told us that the trail we built was in the wrong place, and that we had built a trail in preserved land. However, that just motivated us to do better the next day, and we did twice the work that we planned to.  After doing this, I understood the importance of giving back. I loved hiking on the trails that other people had made, so it felt very good to make trails myself. Not only did I benefit from making trails, I learned many other things such as things about camping, such as how to make a fire, or how to turn on a whisperlight. I highly enjoyed it, and believe we helped out our Farm and Wilderness community.

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  1. Camps like the one you attended in Plymouth, Vermont were directly hit by Hurricane Irene. While the immediate relief rightly focused on residents, homes and businesses in these towns. The major flooding damage in Vermont, with water levels well exceeding hundred year flood marks, also took out these camps trails. How wonderful that your service helped restore them.

  2. “that just motivated us to do better the next day,”–that is my favorite part of your post, Catherine. Good for you. You gave back in both brain and muscle power.

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