Rick’s Service Reflection

I worked with God’s Love We deliver for approximately three hours on ChristmasEve, delivering various meals to individuals who need them.  When I arrived at the headquarters of this truly special company, I was warmly greeted by jovial employees, dressed in Santa-like costumes.  Everyone seemed to be quite happy and jocular.  My family and I were then given five bags containing food and another five bags which were entitled “Blizzard Bags”.  These contained various toiletries among other things to assist the individuals in need.  We then got into our car and drove throughout the Lower East Side.  We then went to their apartments, where we were greeted with a huge smile.  These people seemed to really appreciate our service.  One man even tried to tip us, which we politely declined.  The buildings for the most part, were quite dreary, but the people were lovely and caring.  Even one man who could only speak French gave us the message that act of delivering the  items really warmed his heart.  In addition the bags were decorated from our school, which the individuals also enjoyed.  This experience really assisted me in the comprehension that these numerous little acts can make a big difference in one’s life.

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  1. Little acts of kindness are what make the world a better place. Thanks Rick for bringing some light into the dreary buildings in which you delivered the GLWD meals. I volunteered over Thanksgiving break to help assemble those blizzard bags you referred to in your post.
    I know you enjoyed the time spent volunteering. What a great way for your family to spend time together. –Leitzel

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