Rick’s Second day at God’s Love We Deliver

The day after Christmas, my family and I went to the God’s Love We Deliver headquarters, where we were again greeted nicely by other volunteers like ourselves.  However, today the facility was very quiet, meaning they were short handed for today.  Thus, we received eight different individuals to deliver to, each with bags containing different food.  All these people were located around the West Village.  All of them were quite nice and friendly.  One ninety-seven year old woman was a sculpter, and she invited us in to view them.  They were quite impressive!  Many had nurses and caretakers at their homes, who were also very happy to see us.  These buildings, for the most part, were old but quite nice as well.  A few were especially thankful of us delivering on the day after Christmas.  When we told them we delivered on the day before as well, they almost teared up!  It was truly a rewarding experience which I would gladly do again.


2 thoughts on “Rick’s Second day at God’s Love We Deliver

  1. Rick, this was such a worthwhile form of service. I appreciate your sensitivity to the ambiance at the GLWD center “very quiet, meaning they were short handed for today.” — So how rewarding to know that you and your family showed up at a time when you were especially needed. Thank you for this inside glimpse of the Gods Love We Deliver experience and for sharing your thoughts about it.

  2. One of the side benefits from serving others is the people you encounter along the way. Thanks Rick for reminding us all of this fact. I appreciated how you highlighted in your post the people you encountered during your days volunteering. Thanks for sharing with us the Santa-clad GLWD staff, the French man, the sculptor, and more.

    Keep up the good work.

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