Rick’s Service Reflection at Downtown Community Center

For the past couple months I have been volunteering at a basketball clinic in downtown Manhattan at a non-profit organization called Downtown Community Center.   I worked  as a coach with a group of fourth and fifth graders.  This organization allows children to participate in sports-related activities even if they do not possess the monetary ability to compensate for the sessions.  Here, I have helped children improve their basketball skills and abilities, either by assisting them when doing various drills or giving them pointers during their games.  I developed many relationships with these children, often laughing on the sideline and sharing some of our basketball adventures.  Many of these kids seemed to look up to me and the other coaches, taking what we said quite seriously.  They listened intently anytime we were giving directions or instructions and they loved to play.  Often it was difficult to get them out of the gym after the session had concluded.  It was great to give children, some of whom could not normally afford these lessons, the opportunity to play basketball and advance their skills.  It was a special experience to witness the improvement in these kids, and see their desire to get better and improve their competitiveness in games.

One thought on “Rick’s Service Reflection at Downtown Community Center

  1. Rick,
    I am so happy that you were able to use your own talents and love for BB as a way to connect with younger children who are looking for a chance to play and improve their skill sets. Many people wrongly focus on the act of giving money when they talk about philanthropy, but actually the term also includes the giving of one’s time and talents (not just treasures) to better the world. Your experience enriched these children’s lives and clearly gave you a sense of accomplishment. I applaud you for finding a way to give of yourself personally. I know those children also appreciate it–as does the Downtown Community Center. That organization relies on volunteers like you to help run these important programs.

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