Lucas’s Experience Aiding Post-Sandy Staten Island Neighborhood

hurricanesandy11In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Friends Seminary organized a field day in which students, parents, and faculty could all travel out to Midland Beach on Staten Island and assist families whose lives had been destroyed. We worked all day clearing out homes of garbage and debris.

As one of the last sufferers from the same storm, I feel an emotional and sentimental connection to the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Sandy. In fact, I refer to myself as a victim. However, seeing with my own eyes, how much worse Sandy (whom I now treat as an omnipotent being) treated them gave me a fair amount of retrospect as to how fortunate I am. Though condemned, my home still stands. Not many people from Staten  can say the same. I can only imagine the tumultuous feelings that still must be whirring around the heads as Sandy victims try and grasp the true tragedy which they experienced. I know that I am still angry. I am looking forward, however, to moving forward. I feel good that I came out of it intact and helped those worse off than me. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to give back, first hand, to those with whom I am proud to consider kin.


One thought on “Lucas’s Experience Aiding Post-Sandy Staten Island Neighborhood

  1. Lucas,
    I cannot imagine what it must have been like for you during Sandy and in its aftermath. To have your home condemned is something most of us never will experience. While it was wonderful to see the huge turn-out of Friends volunteers on that day, having you and others like you had suffered personal loss find the time to give back was especially inspirational.
    I work on the weekends with the Robin Hood Foundation’s Sandy Relief Fund and have had a chance to see up close the struggles neighborhoods have gone through to bounce back. What has been the most encouraging throughout this disaster has been the way New Yorkers have come together to help one another. You are a great example of that spirit. I hope you’re family is recovering. I’d love to hear an update on things should you have the time and want to share your experiences.

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