William Peltier’s Service Reflection

Earlier this school year, I was lucky enough to participate as a volunteer for an organization called Midnight Run. Midnight Run distributes food and clothing to people around New York City who are in need. The whole operation takes place between 10:30 pm to 1:30 am, hence the name, “Midnight Run.” Before we left to deliver the goods around the City, my group spent several hours putting together sandwiches and organizing clothing so we could make as many stops as possible. Even though I felt like we spent so much time making the food, and there seemed to be 100’s of peanut butterjelly and tuna fish sandwiches, there were just so many homeless at every stop who were hungry.


Our group made visits through Lower Manhattan, up to the area around Madison Square Garden and then to the Public Library at Bryant Park. At many of the stops on our route, we had the opportunity to talk with the people we met. I was upset and shocked by their personal stories. When I hear at home and at school how “lucky” I am, I really know it is true.

2 thoughts on “William Peltier’s Service Reflection

  1. William,
    It is amazing how quickly those supplies dwindle isn’t it. I am glad you had a chance to interact with some of the people Midnight Run serves. Their lives and stories really help one see a very different perspective from one’s own life.
    Have you ever volunteered at one of HELP’s dinners? If not, I think you might enjoy getting involved next year.

  2. This sounds like a fantastic learning experience. As Leitzel said, there is nothing more powerful then actually interacting with people who are less fortunate then ourselves. It sure is a great way to bring perspective to our lives!
    Be sure to ask Annie in Advisory or Erin Mumford about HELP in 2013-14.
    Great work, William.

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