Atticus Service Reflection

Atticus Wakefield

Advisor:Deanna Yurchuk


Earlier in the year I volunteered with the school to bring aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Me and a large group of other Friends Seminary community members drove out to Staten Island and tried to help those who were affected by the hurricane.  We set up mobile food stations, to provide warm meals to those who were affected, and handed out fresh water and cookies to lighten the mood of not only the residents, but also the other people helping out.

The second I arrived I immediately saw the extensive damage done to these family’s homes.  I was instantly astonished. The neighborhood I live in only lost power, and I could have never imagined the damage done.  Homes were flooded, furniture destroyed, and people’s lives were torn apart.  As I started to look around however, I saw the assistance that people were giving around the area.  I was humbled by how many people were sacrificing to help those in need.  Whilst I was setting up satellite food stations, or handing out food and water, I noticed the happiness most of the people had.  The community service and the helping hands extended to these people seemed to be more powerful than the damage done.  The love and compassion of people who were helping those in need were vastly more influential than the hurricane.  After doing this, I really understood how much simple acts of kindness and service can affect people around you for the better.

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  1. Atticus,

    That was a special day! I agree that the power of all those volunteers and community members coming together in Midland Beach was pretty amazing. I was out there recently and visited with a few families who lived a few blocks back from the water. The neighborhood is bouncing back and I was excited to see gardens being planted and new mailbox posts being laid. All good signs of new beginnings. Thanks for being a part of the Friends volunteer group.

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