Martin’s Fun Saturday at School

On April 20th, I arrived at school at 10:30 AM.  This was odd, not only because of the time, but also in that it was Saturday! Leitzel was very helpful in directing me towards the LS Sports Clinic, where I played basketball and baseball with some 2nd-4th grade students.  Proceeds from this Sports Clinic are going to support children at Association to benefit Children. A Friends student club, Tickets4TKTS, work with these children all year at the ABC facility and then at the end of the year take these children to professional sporting events. Playing baseball was especially fun, as my team made a thrilling final-inning comeback.  It was rewarding to see so many young faces smiling after an exciting victory.  We then ate pizza and celebrated with soda.

Following that morning service activity, we went to the park, where I met some of my friends, also from the Upper School, to help with mulch.  When there were not enough shovels to fill the wheelbarrows, we used our hands to pick up the dirt.  Seeing Stuyvesant Park when it turns beautiful again will be especially rewarding for me to look at this year.  I am so glad that I was able to contribute my time to help out around the school doing such a wide variety of activities.

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  1. Martin,
    Our Friends US Student & Alum Service Day was a lot of fun. In the morning we had three events running simultaneously and two events that afternoon. Every time I cruised through the gym to check in with the student leaders, it looked as if you all were having a great time.
    Next year, I would encourage you to start volunteering with Tickets4TKTS. They go monthly to the Association to Benefit Children to serve as mentors for these young children. With the money raised at the LS Sports Clinics, these same children attend sporting events with Friends students. I think it would make your experience serving as a volunteer at the sports clinics that much more meaningful. Talk to Matthew Winter or Jennie Nadel about Tickets4TKTS. -Leitzel

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