Stef Tai’s Film

I have been developing the script and organizing production of a film, titled “Animals.” I plan to shoot this film in August and finish it by 2014. It will be approximately 30 minutes long, and will be distributed to film festivals around the US.

The film is built upon the premise that humans have become almost irretrievably detached from nature. We have forgotten how dependent on nature we have been, are, and will always be. Because of this, we have poured ridiculous amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere/water, and are beginning to see the consequences of our selfish actions, which fall under the broad canopy of “global warming.”

We always hear about the “Green Movement” and global warming, but rarely do we see significant new laws/policies/movements that actually help to remedy the situation. Global warming has been put on the back burner, while people ignore the scientifically accepted fact that we will begin to see catastrophic weather patterns, natural disasters, and rising water levels, which could kill millions and eventually even billions of people. Ultimately, this is an issue that OUR generation will have to deal with, not the 65 year old senators of this country. We need to take responsibility for our future, and place more urgency on global warming.

These views came to me from living in the city for seventeen years, my week-long blackout-experience during Hurricane Sandy, and my realization that when I broke my leg recently, I would have died if it weren’t for technology and modern medicine. Thus, “Animals” chronicles a couple during a blackout, and their views on the future of their daughter, in a world where one minute the lights are on, the next minute floodwater pours into their pitch black house.

This is a theme I have grappled with for years, and I consider making this film to at least be somewhat proactive in my goal to fight global warming.

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