Dylan’s Service Reflection

On Saturday, May 4th, I volunteered for community service at the annual Friends Seminary Spring Fair. Specifically, I helped serve drinks and direct people to different parts of the fair. I have been volunteering at the spring fair since my freshman year and it is always a good experience to come back each year and help out. It is rewarding to see all the middle and lower schoolers enjoying the entertainment that the fair has to offer, the same entertainment that I enjoyed when I was in middle school. I still remember going to the fair for a few hours in 6-8th grade. The fair is a fun event and really demonstrates the sense of community that is so deep rooted in Friends Seminary’s identity. Parents, faculty and students of all ages and grades come together for this event and a good time is had by all.

One thought on “Dylan’s Service Reflection

  1. I agree that it’s nice when we get the chance to give back and support something from which we once benefited. I also know that the PA relies on US students and really appreciated you volunteering.

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