Kyra’s Service Experience in Breezy Point

In the beginning of December, I traveled out to Breezy Point with my softball team, the Brooklyn Cyclones. The team is based out of Brooklyn so many of my teammates were personally affected by Hurricane Sandy or their friends were. When we arrived, almost a month and a half after Sandy, there were still state police roadblocks that were checking vehicles in and out of the area. As soon as we drove into the town, we immediately saw houses that had been completely torn off of their foundations and dropped back down ten feet away. It was remarkable. We arrived at a church that we had organized with to hold a cookout. When we arrived, we set up our tables and grills. We gave out hot dogs and hamburgers to people whose houses had been destroyed, volunteer workers, and policemen and women. One woman who lived in Breezy Point actually came up to me and told me that the food that we brought was the first hot meal she had had in two weeks. It was amazing to know that this simple act of bringing a grill and some hot dogs could bring so much joy to someone who had lost everything. A little while later, a truck came with donations for the citizens of Breezy Point. We unloaded everything from packets of Mac & Cheese to cribs and diapers. After that, my friend Nicole’s friend who lived in Breezy brought us to his house. While we were walking away from the main road, we saw more and more houses that were devastated. When we got to his house and went inside, he showed us that water had got up to three feet in the first floor of the house. Ever since Sandy, he had been living with his extended family in Brooklyn.

Overall, it was really nice being able to help all those people who had lost so much. I was truly amazed at how thankful they were.

Me and some teammates on our way to Breezy.

Me and some teammates on our way to Breezy.

My whole team at Breezy

My whole team at Breezy

2 thoughts on “Kyra’s Service Experience in Breezy Point

  1. What a wonderful thing for your team to do. It is evident from your photos and account that you all have a lot of camaraderie. How nice that it extends past the playing field.

    I too volunteered out in Breezy Point in the days right after Sandy. That was where I got the idea of organizing pop-up meal stations in New Dorp Beach. Like you, I met with many people who said that the hot meal they were receiving was their first in days.

    In New Dorp, Friends Seminary families partnered with a local organization that helped advertise our locations. We were able to use portable heating ovens to keep over 75 casseroles hot. It was a team effort much like what you described. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kyra, thank you for your service reflection. I’m on the Service Committee and have thought a lot about community service this year. I’m originally from a landlocked state and Hurricane Sandy was the first major disaster that I’ve experienced where I was able to get to work and help others.

    I think volunteering to help in Breezy Point was an excellent opportunity to serve your community and also to help you see the actual effects of such disasters. It’s easy to be horrified by what you see on news reports, but the effects of such events sink in deeper when you are on site, viewing the devastation. I’ve found that after helping with Hurricane Sandy, I’ve become more grateful for all that I have and more motivated to help strengthen my community. I hope serving in Breezy Point did the same for you!

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