Emma Rose’s Service Reflection

A few months ago, my Spanish class and I volunteered with Bordamos por la Paz. Bordamos por la Paz is a project that aims to bring justice for the victims of the Mexican drug war and help families find missing loved ones. Bordamos por la Paz literally means “embroider for peace.” Anyone who wants to help the cause can embroider the name and information (date missing or date of death, place of residence, etc.) on a small white handkerchief. Green thread is used for missing people to tell the public to look out for them and red thread is used for people who have been killed in the war.

Working with Daphne Taylor, Friends art teacher, we each embroidered one or two handkerchiefs with green thread (for missing people). We traced the names and information onto the handkercheif in pencil and then sewed over it. The whole process took about four class periods. When we were done, they were hung up in the gallery for a few days and then sent to another city school to be displayed there. Ultimately, they were sent to Mexico to be hung in the streets. Joining Bordamos por la Paz was a really rewarding experience and it was amazing to know that our Spanish class could make an impact on the world.

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  1. Like you, most students in your class chose this experience to feature on the blog. I think we all found it meaningful to join this international public art initiative. I especially enjoyed when Eric brought in his professor to share particulars about the Drug War. It was really interesting to learn how citizens are using Twitter to fight the drug lords.

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