Sahana’s Service Experience- Girl Rising

A few weeks ago, I participated in the panel for the Girl Rising screening, hosted by the Class of 2016. Although somewhat nerve-racking, it was a great experience for me to speak about the possibility for girls growing up in the developing world. I was also happy to share my feelings about our collaboration with the girls and boys at The Kisyoro School. Girls’ Education is a truly important cause, as it could possibly be “the single most effective way to eradicate extreme poverty”, and is something that I feel the FS community has done a wonderful job of getting involved with.

After being on the panel, seeing the critically acclaimed, Girl Rising, was really amazing. I thought that the film was quite well done and conveyed how much girls around the world struggle to get the education that they deserve. The movie allowed everyone watching to appreciate the girls, their struggle, and to feel a connection with them. The film was not only accessible, but inspiring. I am so glad that I got to be a part of the cause through India at Friends, the panel, the bake sales, and seeing the movie. All that our school has done to make the event, and the scholarship happen is really impressive, and I hope we have more opportunities to do this kind of service in the future at Friends.



One thought on “Sahana’s Service Experience- Girl Rising

  1. Sahana,
    I was so impressed with everything the Class of 2016 did to host this event. The marketing, the presentation before the screening, the banner activity after the film–you all really exhibited a lot of leadership.
    The final count for funds raised made it possible to host a girl at the school in Uganda for 4 years! Imagine that your project has IMPACTED her life in such a way! Incredible!

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