MLK Benefit Concert for The Friends Shelter

In January, I prepared food, helped set up, and spent the evening helping out at the Martin Luther King concert. I had a very good time at the concert because while helping others and earning community service credit, I got to hear many great musicians play at the Meetinghouse- some of whom were Friends students. Also, it was nice to be able to be support staff and support a great cause such as The Friends Shelter. The proceeds for the benefit concert go directly to The Friends Shelter which provides 14 beds for homeless clients 7 days a week.┬áThis shelter is run in our school’s Common Room, a small gym just off the 15th Street Meetinghouse.

It was great to be a part of this event which bears Martin Luther King’s name. It made this service experience particularly meaningful to me because he changed so many lives and was unafraid to voice his thoughts. I think that it is incredibly important to honor someone of such great power. I enjoyed this service opportunity and hope that I will have the chance to participate in many more events like the Martin Luther King concert.

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  1. Benefit concerts like this take a lot of behind-the -scenes help. Everything from marketing, program design and printing to ushers and concessions depend upon volunteers like you. Bob Rosen has done an excellent job as founder of this benefit concert. Shannon, you should meet with him early in January next year and offer your services to help with the planning. I know he would appreciate having regular student volunteers EARLY in the prep stage.

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