9th Grade Service Learning Project

This year, the 9th grade history classes participated in a project that connected our school with an all girls school in Uganda. The first part of the project was to learn about the Millennium Development Goals. These goals are designed to improve the lives of impoverished people living in African places. Next, we learned about the Millennium Villages Project. The MVP is a project that has taken numerous poor villages throughout Africa and focused on improving the lives of all the people in these select villages. They focus on all of the Millennium Development goals instead of just one because they believe that is the best way to bring as many people as possible out of poverty. After we knew about these projects, we tried to arrange to pay for a girl in Uganda to attend a school. We did this by screening a movie called Girl Rising. This film is a series of stories of unfortunate girls in Africa who need our help. Since I was unable to attend the screening, I helped out with the bake sales leading up to it. I decided that I needed to help some way that I could even if I was unable to attend the screening. Overall, the project raised enough money to send a girl in Uganda to school. I am very proud of the 9th grade because we were able to do this. I also learned a lot about poverty in Africa and how we are trying to end it. This was a very interesting project and I would love to learn more and give my service to it as much as I can.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your takeaways from this project. You all really helped connect all of us who attended the Girl Rising event to the issues. Great job!

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