Cal’s Service Reflection

On Sunday, April 28th, the band that I play in played a charity concert at the Union Square Ballroom under the Coffee Shop, as well as many other bands. The concert was to raise money for a foundation called VH1 Save the Music, which is an organization that funds music programs in underprivileged schools who do not have enough money to create one themselves. Because music is such a large part of my life, as not only do I play guitar and a bunch of other instruments, but I’m always listening to music, I connected with this organization. I feel as though everyone should have a chance to explore their talents musically, because it can be super enjoyable and something you will never forget. This foundation gives kids a chance to learn music in new ways and express their creativity. The concert was a blast, as a bunch of great bands played including Jack and Eliza, The Sectionals, Claire’s Diary, Nat and Alex Wolff, The Counterfits (my band), and the American Authors, a band I was particularly excited about considering they had a song that was listed #6 on Spotify’s Top Tracks one week. It was our first show outside of our music school, and so we were very nervous to perform, but I think we did a good job. Fortunately, a lot of people showed up to the concert as well, which was good for the charity, and for us. In the end we raised a very respectable amount of money, which will be of good use to the Save the Music Foundation. 

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  1. I love that you are finding a way to share one of the great loves of your life-music-with others. How wonderful for you to support VH1’s Save The Music program by playing at their benefit. The VH1 program successfully helps keep music in schools whose budget woes usually mean music instruction get cut. Thanks for giving your time and talent to such a worthy cause.

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