Camille Fillion-Raff- Girl Rising

This year, the ninth grade learned about the Millennium Development Goals in history class. The Millennium Development Goals are eight objectives that were established by 193 United Nations member states and 23 international organizations. These goals were created to help develop and improve conditions in impoverished countries by 2015.We partnered with the Kisyoro school, an all girls school, in Ruhiira, Uganda for a better understanding of the work that the Millennium Promise Organization has put into progressing the Millennium Development Goals. We partnered with the Millennium Promise Organization called Connect to Learn to raise enough money to give a girl in Uganda a scholarship to the Kisyoro School.
By holding two bake sales before the premier, having a bake sale during the premier and the generous donations of the people who came to watch the film, we were able to collect enough money ($1800) to provide a girl with a scholarship at the Kisyoro School. We hope that this girl has a great future in learning at the Kisyoro School.
This was a great opportunity for everyone in the ninth grade because we were able to use our prier knowledge of the works of the Millennium Development Goals and at the same time actually improve the life of an impoverished girl in Uganda. Almost every ninth grade student helped raise money or participated in watching the moving documentary. It is a life changing movie and gives great insight into the lives of some girls that live around the world.

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  1. Camille,
    Glad you enjoyed taking what you had learned and extending it into an advocacy project. through your presentation and screening of Girl Rising, you helped raise awareness to about 150 people who were in attendance.

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