Girl Rising and my History Class

Working on the Girl Rising project has been a great service experience for me. Helping to raise the money for a girl to go to the Kisyoro School in Ruhiira, Uganda has been morally fulfilling. I participated in the bake sale and the movie itself because I believe in the cause. It related to so much of what we had been studying in history class. What we raised money for really will make a difference in this girl’s life and her community as a whole. Seeing the movie really made me look at my Life in a new perspective; therefore, I greatly enjoyed helping to give this girl a chance of an education.

One thought on “Girl Rising and my History Class

  1. Glad you enjoyed taking what you had learned in class and extending it into an advocacy project. through your presentation and screening of Girl Rising. Your class helped raise awareness to about 150 people who were in attendance. That’s pretty cool!

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