Girl Rising

When participating in the Girl Rising event and the MDGS projects I was most inspired by the Girl Rising movie. It was inspiring that these  girls who would do anything to get an education. Often  I take my education  for granted, this really opened my eyes to how important an education can be. My favorite story was the girl who was from Egypt, who had been raped. Even though they never caught the guy and she never went to school (instead got married and had kids), I thought her attitude was really inspiring because she was so strong. I also really enjoyed the young girl from Haiti because she stood up to her teacher and said that she school keep coming back to school until she was let in. Seeing the movie furthered my education on why girls education is important, and it really made me reflect on how lucky I am and how I want to emulate these girls personalities in life.

I also loved being able to send a girl to school. Even though it is only one girl, having an education will change her life. I love that I was able to play a small role in potentially changing that girl’s life.

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