Girl Rising Service Project- Dana Franco

This year I participated in the Girl Rising service project. We raised money to send a girl to school at the Kisyoro School in Ruhiira, Uganda. In order to raise the money for her tuition, we held several bakesales and we held a movie screening of Girl Rising in the meetinghouse. Girl Rising is a movie about empowering women’s rights and education. It follows the lives of nine girls who share their stories about overcoming obstacles in order to have an education and have had many troubles in their lives. With the help of many generous donations from teachers, parents, and our peers, we were able to raise enough money to send a girl to school. We gave the money to a program called Connect to Learn which helps to send girls to school in Sub-Saharan Africa who could not afford it otherwise.

This was an extremely rewarding experience to know that you could send a girl our age to school. When we graduate, she will graduate and we can remember that we helped her be able to go to school. The movie was very well done, and I really enjoyed watching the experiences these girls had and how they had overcome their troubles. It is eye opening to see what happens in other parts of the world. I loved working with my peers to fundraise on this project, and I hope we can do it again next year.

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  1. It is really cool to think about this girl graduating at the same time as your class. It was a great service learning project. I was glad to be a part of it with you.

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