Girl Rising- Matthew Brunstad

I went to the girl rising screening to learn. It never occurred to me how badly people, specifically women, were suppressed all around the world. These girls wanted to learn, something which earlier in life I took for granted. The things many of those girls experienced are so hurtful and demoralizing, yet all of them pushed through. I think that although many organizations are helping girls, it is necessary for even more people to try to help out,and I think if there was more awareness about this issue, many other girls would be able to go to school or be saved from the experiences they are victim to. It is my goal to raise awareness and direct people to help connect to learn achieve there goal. Whether it is my parents or people I have just met, I pledge to help

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  1. I’m glad this project had such an effect on you. You all should be proud of how much your work paid of. Over 150 people attended the event.

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