Natalie’s Girl Rising Service Reflection

Seeing the film Girl Rising was an eye opening experience.  Living in New York and being part of the community that I’m in enables me to take so much for granted.  I rarely think about how fortunate I am to go to a great school, let alone any school every day.  It is heart breaking to see the sacrifices that these girls and families have to make for minimal educational opportunities.  I cannot imagine being in their position and not having basic freedoms.  The fact that some girls are expected to marry at such young ages is upsetting to me as a 15 year old girl.  Being married at 12 and even as early as 7 is a global tragedy and should not be accepted. These girls are so young that they are not aware of what is happening to them. As the movie explains, education is key.

In many developing  countries like the ones shown, it is considered undesirable to have a girl because they cannot to support their family.  These girls are caught in a cycle of continuous poverty and are not given the opportunities to break free. However, Wadley, a little girl from Haiti, is an example of a girl who is determined to break the cycle.  Wadley really impressed me because after the hurricane destroyed her home and her mother’s ability to make money, she insisted on going to school despite the fact that her mother could not pay.  She wasn’t afraid of the danger of showing up to a school she did not pay for to get the education she so desperately wanted.  She demonstrated the importance of girls being brave and determined.

All the girls in the movie knew and proved that education would improve their lives.  I’m glad students from the 9th grade History classes were able to make some difference by enabling one girl to break this unfortunate trend. As a culminating piece to our research on the MDGs and our conversations with students at the Kysoro School, we decided to share what we learned with others by hosting a screening of Girl Rising. The activity after the film allowed people leave a personal message to girls at our partner school in Uganda. The money raised from our efforts will send one girl to school for four years. I feel good that I was a part of this project.

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  1. Like you, the film left me with a renewed appreciation for all that I have been given. You and your fellow students should be proud of how hard you worked to use what you had learned in History class to bring about change. It is hard to imagine how many far-reaching ripples you have caused to occur in the girl’s life who received the scholarship. You all removed her worries about whether her family would continue to finance her education. YOU have taken care of that for them. 🙂

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