Rebecca Finley: Girl Rising


This year, our ninth grade history class came together in efforts to send a young girl to the Kisyoro School in Uganda. By hosting a bake sale and screening the movie, “Girl Rising,” our class was successful in raising enough money to obtain our goal. The movie retold the inspirational stories of various young girls in third world countries who were unable to attend school. In the end, the movie concluded that educating girls can ultimately help third world countries in health, education, and the economy. This experience broadened my horizons. I have never known the feeling of being deprived of education. I realized that education is something I take for granted, and in the future should feel blessed to have such opportunities. I believe that all people have the right to be educated. I am happy that I am part of a grade that helped grant one girl with this right.

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  1. I appreciate this reflection, Rebecca. You’ve clearly gotten some important insights from this project.

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