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I enjoyed working on a service learning project this year. We began by learning about world poverty, the Causes, and how the United Nations is working tour radiate world poverty. This project engulfed the end of every quarter in history class, and we even spent some of our time in tech class working on this project.
The first part of this project involved a research paper about the United Nations’ 8 Millennium Development Goals to end poverty by 2015. The research process led me to learn about some of the extreme cases of poverty, deep in Africa. Before writing this paper, I had known some of the information about these cases where people were living in extreme poverty but not to the extent that I now know about them. Aside from just learning about the different cases of extreme poverty throughout the world, I also learned about what the United Nations is doing to fix these cases pi extreme poverty. What specifically intrigued me was the idea that to empower women was to empower an entire village.
Both my mother and I got involved in raising money for the bake sale that would be at the girl rising event. We baked a good amount of these bars made from coconut, graham crackers and chocolate, that sold well. I am glad to know that my efforts helped a little girl get a scholarship to go to school in Rihira, Uganda. I really enjoyed working on this project, and hope that we will do more projects of the same nature.

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  1. I too hope we will do many more projects like this one. It is obvious from your posts and others that when service is connected to classroom learning, students get so much more from the experience. Thanks for sharing your takeaways.

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