Scott Leff’s Service Reflection

This year I speant alot of time working on prepairing a solo for the anual Dancer’s Responding to Aids concert. I began the process by choosing a song to choreograph. After going through a large section of my music library, I finaly decieded that I wanted to choreograph Every Thing I Know From the Musical In the Heights.

I soon met with my dance teacher to beign choreographing the song with her. I had never choreographed anything before, I had only danced other people’s choreography, but I wanted to try to come up with an original choreograph for this song. We discussed the concept, and then started choreographing. I had alot of imput and I liked working with my dance teacher on the process She knew me as a dancer, knew my limits, and my stregnths, so she helped me design a dace that would chalenge me and show off my stregnths as a dancer. After many weeks of choreographing, we finished the piece the week of the DRA concert. I was not worried, because I knew that I would put the short ammount of time I had into making sure that I knew the piece, and I was right.

The week leeding up to the concert did get a little crazy. I was making sure that I knew what I was doing in all of the pieces I was in, the upper school group piece, the tap piece, Jack Lanzi’s piece, and the solo that I worked so hard on. On the day that we teched the show, everything weant smoothely, eventhough the upper shcool group piece was not even finished. We finished and pollished the piece beofre the cocert, settling any anxiety about that.

Durring the concert, I was so glad to know that I was able to use what I love to do-DANCE-to benefit those living with HIV and AIDS. The concert itself was a bit crazy, because some of my piees did leave me with very little time to change between pieces, but I didnt wory about that. Quick changes were no new thing to me, and these were relatively simple.

All the work I did for the Dancer’s Responding to Aids concert I feel went towards a good cause and I am glad that I was able to assist in making a difference in the lives of those who have been affected by this horrible disease. I also think I performed well.


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