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In history class this year we researched the Millennium Development Goals and on top of that made presentations for one of the schools within a millennium village, the kisyoro school. Researching about the kisyoro school was very interesting because it opens my world up from the dense, populated city of new york to the rural country of Africa. It was interesting to learn more specifics and details about not necessarily that many schools like the kisyoro are impverished, but the fact that times are changing and with the help of the millennium development goals the poverty and general problems within Africa and the entire world as a whole can be fixed from its negative state into a better world.

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  1. I agree that one of the really neat aspects of this project was the communications between the two schools. Through these conversations, you were able to learn more specifics and details about their lives. Technology is really a wonderful thing!

  2. Akhil,

    It’s nice to see that you actually care about the MDG project rather than just restrict it to your history class. I like how you are branching out from New York to what else is happening in the world. You should continue the relationship throughout Upper School with the Kisyoro School. It’s important to keep learning about the MDGs and to keep educating other people about the MDGs.

    Great Job!


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