Service Reflection Miles Donnelly

Miles Donnelly

For in-school service this year I helped run a booth at the India at Friends event.  Because this was my first year doing service, in-school service really had an impact on me. By completing my school service requirements, I was able to fully commit my time to the Friends community, which I wasn’t really motivated to do before. Volunteering for India at Friends also educated me about a culture that I did not really know about and am now acutely aware of.

Running the yoga booth was an exciting way to share my knowledge that I had picked up by participating in yoga to fulfill a PE credit. I found it interesting that something so trendy here in America could be such a big part of a culture somewhere else. It was fulfilling to have the opportunity to teach my classmates something new. I felt teaching yoga to people was a fun way to make the community aware of a different culture. I am proud that we as a school are able to raise awareness of multiple cultures because the New York community is so diverse and being aware of many cultures improves one’s ability to interact with people in a larger community.

2 thoughts on “Service Reflection Miles Donnelly

  1. Miles,
    I’m glad that through the in-school service experience you were able to connect more deeply with the school community. Serving has a way of doing that. I was also happy to read that you were able to apply what you had learned in yoga class to the Indian cultural event.

  2. Kilo – I didn’t know you were so in to yoga!! What about the personal trainer and the gym?? Will you ever join the golf team, or is it still track?

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