Tom’s Service Reflection

In World History 1, the ninth grade participated in a research study on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the Millennium Development Villages. The Millennium Development Goals are eight targets that were set by the U.N in 2000 in an attempt to better the world. These goals include improving education, promoting maternal health, and reducing poverty. The Millennium Development Villages were created for a solution to the MDGs. Various villages were set up in extremely rural areas hoping to provide not just an answer for present problems, but also to make the villages self-sustainable for the future and not require external help. By participating in this research project I was able to greater understand the large leaps that need to be made to increase the planet, and the large leaps that were taken. The ninth grade also communicated with a school in Kisyoro, Uganda. The communications were through voicethreads, and blogs on the MDGs. Through speaking with the girls at the school we were able to learn views on the MDGs from a different angle, as well as learning about their daily life, which was in stark contrast to ours.

I helped participate in the Girl Rising event by baking goods for the bake sale, attending the event and spreading the word about it. Through this I, as well as many other people, were able to help share it with a larger group of people, and get more people thinking about education for girls throughout the world. To me, the project seemed better with this aspect as it managed to actively get people involved.

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  1. You all really helped raise awareness. Thanks to your marketing campaign, the event had over 150 people attend. Great job!

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