Anya’s Service Experience

When I signed up for volunteering with a third grade classroom during their library time I first thought it would be an easy, fun way to finish my service.  I didn’t think of it as too big of a commitment, only as something to do once a week surrounded by something I enjoy: reading.  I showed up on the first day and was immediately thrown into working with a whole group of eight year olds who were complete strangers to me.  I sat down in one of the child sized chairs as Constance the librarian taught the lesson about books in different cultures around the world.  I was hesitant to talk to them, not wanting to seem imposing or condescending.

Constance asked me to read to them one day, and I found myself getting nervous as I read a riddle book.  I reminded myself that they were just third graders.  They weren’t judging me.  They sang songs in front of each other and weren’t embarrassed about it.  Before I read the book a few of the girls came up and clung onto me, and I realized that I was really happy volunteering with these kids.  I was making library time easier for Constance while enjoying myself and getting to help out.  I would recommend my favorite books to them and talk to them about authors.

I took on a leadership position when I volunteered with the third grade class and I discovered that I could be a leader, even if it was only with eight year olds.  I can look back at this experience as a lesson for the future.


2 thoughts on “Anya’s Service Experience

  1. Anya,

    You cannot begin to imagine how much these third graders LOVED their interactions with you. Thank you for stepping up and finding such a meaningful way to connect to our school community. One of the things I love at Friends is that we are a K-12 school that crosses paths each and every day.

  2. Anya, Your cheerful, engaged participation in the library class made me look forward to 3M’s library time each week with pleasure. You were a highlight for the children as well. It’s so important for our young students to see other students modelling commitment to literacy and enthusiasm for the stories of other cultures. Each different reading voice brings out different nuances of phrase and feeling, so I especially appreciated your wonderful reading aloud. You were also so helpful in smoothing out the logistics of a class that took place partly in the classroom and partly in that little library alcove! Again, many thanks for your service.

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