Nyema’s Service Reflection

Program Highlights from the Year (1)

After Hurricane Sandy had hit NYC, many homes lost electricity and may have had no water.  I took part of the Friends Seminary Diversity Program outing where some 5th and 6th graders and I (along with some other people) went to a senior citizen program or center and interacted with the people that were there. They hadn’t had many visitors since Sandy had hit and had been without power exce[t for their lobtt and acticity room for weeks. . While we were there they told us stories about how they felt during the storm and what things it reminded them of in their past.  We also helped them plant bulbs signifying hope. The majority of the people their were Chinese, so many things had to be translated.

I loved having this experience because I got to know and work with the kids, but I also was able to put to use the things I learned in Chinese class. I was able to talk to the members of the senior citizen home. They were really friendly and helped me when I was speaking. It was a fun and great experience. It always feels great giving back to the community. This was a good thing for us to model for our younger students.




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  1. Nyema–You struck on one of the amazing aspects of living in a city, and serving others in an urban landscape: the fact that our neighbors may have totally different cultures and languages from our own. How great that you got to practice your Chinese while listening to the storytelling of your neighbors (and planting bulbs for them.) People really benefit from telling their stories after a crisis–sometimes over and over again! I appreciate that you were able to listen to them so thoughtfully and practice your cross-cultural skills. Thank you for telling us about the experience.

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