India’s Girl Rising Service Reflection

        This year the ninth grade student body participated in a project that helped to raise funds to send a girl in Uganda to school on a scholarship. Participating in this project I was able to fully realize and appreciate the issues that girls face in developing nations in regards to education, and how much an education can be taken for granted in areas where nearly all girls have the opportunity to a go to good schools and learn. Helping to plan and carry out bake sales as well as helping out at our actual ‘Girl Rising’ screening in the meeting house along with many other ninth graders at Friends was a truly rewarding and eye-opening experience. Our school was able to attain it’s goal of funds to send a girl to school after finishing the various activities and projects held for the project, and not only funding, but messages from the student body at friends to the students attending the Kisyoro School in Uganda were able to be delivered by hand. Being a part of such an amazing project truly allowed me to reflect on how much an education can do for one person, and how largely one organized project can impact the life of someone who may be thousands of miles away. Not only through this fundraising project, but also work with the MDGs in our World History Class allowed me the time to learn more about the problems that people face globally, and helped me to see all the different ways in which people are making an impact and attempting to change the situations faced by people all over the world, particularly in developing nations. This experience of participating in the Girl Rising project was one of the most memorable and rewarding that I have experienced this far in my time at Friends Seminary, and I truly believe that the work we did as a ninth grade class was able to make a life-changing difference in the world of one girl miles away, but also a major change in the way that I view and value education here at Friends Seminary.

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  1. India, what a thoughtful and interesting reflection on your participation in the Girl Rising program. I agree this was a very important form of service, and I so appreciate your insights on how it impacted both you and a young person “miles away.”

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