Michael’s Service Reflection


I volunteered with Friends students in Staten Island during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The destruction in the area where we volunteered was astounding. The whole community was in shambles. But even with the concerted effort of roughly 60 volunteers from the Friends Seminary community, it still looked the same when we left 7 hours later.
The images I remember from my work there lead me to the conclusion that everyone must be active in their community. Every person owes it to their community to work on making it a better place, no matter how hard it may be. And wether or not the efforts of an individual are seen by everyone, they are felt by someone. My group could not even finish demolishing one house, but the elderly man who lived there would have never been able to do what we did. The work we saved him was not visible on the outside, but I could see the appreciation on his face. And if all everyone did was help one person, the impact would be felt by everyone.


2 thoughts on “Michael’s Service Reflection

  1. I know what you mean about feeling like we barely scratched the surface. While we offered a lot of physical help that day and many times after that, the biggest help I think was out presence. People need to know that others are thinking of them and care.

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