Sophie’s Birthdays in a Box Service Experience

At My Big FAT Service Day, I helped put together Birthday’s In a Box. These are, most literally, all the supplies needed for a child to hold a birthday party put into a box. There are candles, party hats, party favors, arts and crafts, plates, cups, wrapping paper, and even a birthday card and present for the birthday child. These boxes are then distributed to children living in shelters who might not normally have the means to have a birthday party. This way, not only is their day celebrated, but they get to celebrate with their friends and family. I specifically helped make birthday cards for these kids, decorating them with good birthday wishes and bright colors in order to make their day unique and special.

While making the boxes, I was able to reflect more about the opportunities that are given to me that if often take for granted, such as birthday celebrations. Having a birthday party or celebration has always been a regular thing for my family to do on my birthday, and I am happy that I could bring the same joy that I feel on my birthday to a child that may not have that opportunity. While decorating the cards I also thought specifically about how the card i made could bring happiness to a kid who I do not even know. It was really special for me to think about how such a small and simple task, such as making a birthday card and putting together the means to have a birthday celebration, could make such great memories in one child’s life.

One thought on “Sophie’s Birthdays in a Box Service Experience

  1. Sophie, what a wonderful form of service this is! I appreciate the way you explained it in detail. We all know how important birthdays are to young children. What a difference in a child’s life it makes to have a nice birthday. I truly applaud your thoughtful participation in this project.

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