Annabelle’s Service Reflection

For part of my service in 2013, I volunteered to be one of the older friends for the 8th grade students.  I was paired up with two other upper school students, both of them seniors, and the three of us were then paired up with one of the 8th grade advisory groups.  Our group met twice this year.  The first time our group met was in November, and we held a little meeting for them about high school at Friends.  They were able to ask us any questions about high school life, academics, or really anything they were curious about.  Since we expected some of them would be shy, the three of us high schoolers also came prepared with some topics to talk about and to share our experiences at Friends.  We then met again with our same 8th grade group in January, but this time we took them off campus to have another meeting over lunch.  They came prepared with more questions for us, and it was also just a time for us high schoolers to chat with the younger students.

Being a part of this program was a great opportunity that I really enjoyed.  It was a great chance to be able to get to know the younger students and hear what they have to say.  It was also interesting for me to hear what things they have heard about high school and to reassure them about what is true or not!  I got to know the two other seniors as well as the 8th graders, and overall, we had productive group conversations.  I feel we really helped reassure some of the 8th graders to stay at Friends for high school and answered most of their pondering questions as well as I got to really think about and reflect on my own experiences in high school, which I do not do very often.  I am glad I took a part of this for my service and was happy to help the Friends community.


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  1. Annabelle,
    This is such an important service for the school, as well as the younger students. No one can share the inside story of life in the Upper School better than the students themselves. I appreciate the time and thought you gave to the task.

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