Cyrus Glanzer, Class of 2015, Service Reflection 2013

We know that there are some things we can’t do on our own. We know that there are some things we do better together. -Barack Obama

I really identified with this suggested quote in relation to the rally to stop the keystone pipeline in washington that I attended. While in washington many people were holding signs for the same cause: ecological preservation. While they may have had different views on what it means to protect the environment, i.e. using nuclear power, not using nuclear power, protecting rainforest, investing in solar energy etc. Any individual demonstration that represented any one of these very specific ideas would have little to no impact on the whether ecological legislation was considered. In order to have any effect on the general cause they commonly believed in, despite any differences they may have had, these groups united for this one purpose, which gained a lot more publicity and meaning because it was a common cause supported by so many people. Some things we can only do together. It’s not simply that they are better done when they are done cooperatively but  there is no chance of any progress without cooperation and unification.

This brief quote also points to an important feature of service, which is that the best service is effective service. Any individual’s actions are dwarfed by the problem if the effort is not organized and efficient. And the workgroup can add up to more than the sum of all individuals’ actions. This means service it’s not a burden on the shoulders of a small group, and instead it is a duty that belongs to everyone and by applying that standard we can collectively create a far larger impact.

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  1. I too was struck while standing on the National Mall by the many disparate groups coming together in one united voice. It was a great experience to stand with the many and raise a voice.

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