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In History Class this year we learned about the Millennium Development Goals. They are 8 goals created by the United Nations, focusing on improving the world, in many different ways by 2015. We each individually researched a goal and wrote a research paper on it. We also individually wrote a research paper on the Millennium Villages Project, which is a project with 10 participating villages in Africa fighting against poverty, focusing on its praise and criticism. This past year we also collaborated with the Kisyoro School in Ruhiira, Uganda. We sent key notes to them describing life in the city, including photos of ourselves and different city things, and they in return sent us the same about where they live.¬†Interacting and learning about these girls lives has been a truly amazing, and eye-opening experience.You don’t acknowledge what privilege we have living in NYC, and going to such a great school on a normal basis, but through the 9th grade service learning project you are shown that in the best of ways.

Being a part of the Girl Rising screening was something I am so proud of, and when it was over, all I wanted to do was help even more people. Girl Rising is a movie that shows the life of girls around the world in different economical situations, and gets the word out of the different lifestyles of different people. Our school was chosen as one of the few places to premiere this movie, which alone shows the importance of it. The event eventually raised enough money for two girls to attend high school, which is incredibly gratifying. The idea that we have granted two girls a chance at an education, and a chance of a better future for them and their town is beyond amazing. Being able to share these girls story through premiering Girl Rising definitely made the project more meaningful to me, and I believe it was an amazing conclusion to the work we had done the whole year.


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  1. Gio,

    I was so excited when my request to host a screening of Girl Rising was approved by the film’s producers. I knew it was a perfect fit for your class’ service learning project. While others were seeing it in theaters, Friends was able to invite the community in to see it along with student presentations about the MDGs and your interactions with the girls at the Kisyoro school. The banner activity at the end of the movie gave everyone a chance to send a personal message to these girls. Something all of us wanted to do after seeing the film.

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