In-school Service

In early February, I volunteered to be painted by Daphne’s art class. It wasn’t hard work to sit as ┬ámodel. I sat in one position for most of the time. But I’ve never taken a painting class at Friends before and I got to see what it would be like. Daphne welcomed me and was very encouraging to all of her students. It was a calmer environment than any other class I’d been in. I enjoyed it and I think it’s an important environment to be in, one that isn’t frantic and stressful. I’ve been inspired by the class, and I am considering taking the painting class next year. Thank you.

One thought on “In-school Service

  1. Daphne has a way of exuding her inner peace and calm onto everyone she encounters. I love spending time in her space. I appreciate your discernment about the different moods or environments classes give off. Art classes always present to me an opportunity to shift and discover life from a new perspective. I’m glad this in-school service experience introduced you to a part of our school community that you were not yet familiar.

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