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In my freshman year at Friends Seminary, I was a volunteer at an event in which we screened the documentary, Girl Rising, as an advocacy project. The movie Girl Rising is about 9 girls that live in third world countries that are trying to earn an education so they could live their lives differently and out of poverty. We also partnered with an organization called Connect to Learn which was a charity that helped girls that lived in impoverished places to go to school. Friends Seminary decided to earn enough money to send a girl to a school in Uganda. To do this, many other students and I started up bake sales in the lobby, accepted donations from anyone that wanted to donate, and have a big movie night and have a suggested donation and concession stands to earn enough money to send one of the girls to school. When started this activity I didn’t really care about what I was doing and I just wanted service hours, however, after getting more involved in the movie and actually seeing it actually showed me how hard and sad it is for young women in many other countries of the world. I wanted this girl to rise and actually go to school because of the doing of Friends Seminary. In the end of the entire process, we raised over $1,800 which was the amount of money we needed to this girl to go to school. The movie was very touching and it showed me how different it is outside of the country that I live in.

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  1. Chi,
    The work you all did to share what you had learned in class with those who attended the documentray screening was commendable. I am glad you moved from just wanting to complete hours to really caring. That is a natural transition for many. I hope your involvement in the project encourages you to get more involved in other service events in the future. You really can be the difference the world needs.

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