Helena’s Experience With Girl Rising

Watching Girl Rising and participating in the 9th grade service-learning project has been an eye-opening experience for me. We worked to raise money to send a girl in Uganda to school through the organization Connect to Learn.  We did this by having two bake-sales and by having a suggested donations table at the Girl Rising screening. We also communicated with children at the Kisyoro School in Uganda, and talked about issues in our societies and ways to solve them.

This experience has made me realize just how lucky everyone in the Friends community is. I realized how easy it is for me to take my education for granted and sometimes even think of it as a burden. When learning about girls who would do anything to be educated, it makes me feel ashamed for the countless times I have complained about my homework or not taken full advantage of the educational opportunities that are available to me. It meant so much to me to be able to participate in this project to give another girl the same opportunities I have.

One thought on “Helena’s Experience With Girl Rising

  1. One of the nice side benefits to projects like these is the connections we form with outside organizations like Connect to Learn. The scope and scale of the philanthropic sector’s impact on our world often is overlooked. Projects like these reveal their work.

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