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I’m the host of a travel web-series called Booker Travels that is meant to encourage kids to get out of the house and explore the world. Every year we try to go on three trips and usually come back with enough content to produce five episodes. These five episodes show the featured locations through the eyes of a younger generation rather than some adult standing in front of a museum and reading a script. Our goal isn’t to educate people with facts that they could have just googled, but to give our viewers a taste of what other parts of the world are like. My travels always give back to the community that we visit and also try to expand the horizons to whoever has access to the website.

Our show also always involve locals, who give us a taste of what life in these places is really like. Each of the episodes talk about either getting to the location, the local scene and culture, the cuisine, the surfing or skateboarding environment, and its contrasts with home. We find it very important to immerse ourselves in the culture to truly get the most out of our trips. In doing this we usual end up staying at a house rather than a hotel and spend a lot of time following locals and their daily routines. This year I traveled to San Francisco and Sri Lanka. On each of our trips I meet some amazing people, and some of their stories and the culture that surrounds them is exposed on our episodes. Our goal is to give the closest thing to a first hand experience and inspire kids to explore the world around them.

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  1. I love how you’ve incorporated a love of travel into giving back to others. Sharing your travel insights and tips with readers/viewers is a great way to encourage all of us to do just what your tag line says: Live Life Outside. I wonder if you would be interested next year in helping the school with a project in which we explore different neighborhoods within the five boroughs. The Diversity Committee wants to offer three excursions next year to distinct neighborhoods to celebrate some of the unique places in which Friends families live. You would be great at helping us plan an outing.

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